Modelling after United Nations security council meeting set up, CrisisRus sets up its performers in the center of a circle with the audience seated around. In any given city we perform, we recruit 2 local woman live performers as correspondents to the collected global streams. The crisis, interpreted from personal, natural, economical, political perspectives, encounters face-a-face. While we highlight each performer’s account of crisis, we also stir and stew the crisis pot. The seated audience are encouraged to bring their pots, pans, spoons and forks in voicing their discontent and join the Cacerolazo masses.
crisisRus live performance
24/11/13 - Piksel, Bergen, Norway
28/11/13 - Vision'R Paris, France
28/09/14 - Network Music Festival, Birmingham, UK
25/10/14 - alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & galerie futura, Berlin, Germany 

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